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Tip of the Week 9/28/15
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Xref's can have the colors from the original drawing changed to another color after being referenced.
The one exception is for objects that are incorrectly given the layer property of 0 (zero).

The image below shows (3) groups of of objects that are white in color.
These objects have been given the layer property of 0 (zero), incorrectly.

*Xref objects showing up white.

Open the Xref, select the objects that are on layer 0 (zero) and change their layer to the correct one.

Changing layer properties with the layer pull-down.

Save and close the modified Xref file. Pick the blue text in the balloon notification that appears in the file that had the Xref file referenced into it. If the original file was closed, re-opening the file will automatically reload the Xref.

Xref balloon notification.

After reloading the corrected Xref, the objects will match the color specified in the current drawing.
Note: Objects on layer 0 (zero) in an Xref will match the current drawings color for layer 0 (zero).

Xref colors match current drawing Xref layer color.

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