Classroom Courses
Classroom Courses

Our week long classroom courses are conducted at the USPS Engineering Headquarters Dewey Building, located in Merrifield, Virginia - a suburb of Washington, D.C.. Classroom instruction consists of two sessions daily, Monday through Thursday, and a single morning session on Friday. Morning sessions are from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, and afternoon sessions are from 1- 4 p.m. Each session has several break periods, keeping students refreshed for learning.

Neosys® Corporation uses an exclusive training environment for each class, providing students with powerful Pentium IV, 3.0 Ghz computers with 2 GB of RAM, for enhanced performance and speed. Flat screen monitors are provided for each student workstation, with a state of the art, high resolution projection system for the instructor.

With a maximum of nine seats per class, our students actively participate in the instruction and are encouraged to ask questions related to their particular site or general Postal Service operations. This enriched learning experience equips students for working on their particular projects upon returning from training.

Classroom courses that we offer at the Bolger Center:

See our Calendar page for a posting of available class dates and times.

To find out about the complete course signup procedure, please go to our Registration page.

A Course Matrix page is available to compare what prerequisites are needed to take a course, or to see what the next level of training should be for your experience level.

Information for alternative training solutions can be found on our Site Training page.

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