On Site Training
On Site Training

For Postal sites needing our specialized PostalCAD classes yet cannot send students off-site for training, Neosys® Corporation instructors can travel directly to you. This is especially useful when travel budgets are tight, resulting in significant savings when students train in their own area or facility. The only cost is the tuition fee per student and the instructor’s travel expenses. We offer a discounted tuition rate of at least 20% per seat for sites requesting on site training.

For these custom on-site courses, a minimum of six students is required, with a maximum of nine students per instructor. Classes may be taught at your facility or other Postal location in your area.

For additional information on this great training alternative or for a complete price quote, please contact:

Kelly Williams 540.752.4607
or by email Kelly@eNeosys.com

A Course Matrix page is available to compare what prerequisites are needed to take a course, or to see what the next level of training should be for your experience level.

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